Post Driver

  • Pile driving technology
  • Manually adjusted variable speed to adjust strokes per minute
  • Up to 40 blows per minute
  • Drives posts straight and true on almost any terrain
  • Easy, fast, rugged and reliable
  • Powerful, simple design drives steel, wood, or even railroad ties
  • 18° tilt each way
The self-contained Post Driver is the choice for fencing contractors, landscapers, ranchers, farmers, and maintenance departments. Skid steer maneuverability allows the unit to be easily moved around buildings, storage sheds, trees and other obstacles, with minimal hydraulic power. Powered by a minimum of 10 GPM, the Post Driver can drive a 4" to 5" post into the ground in less than 15 seconds.
More Information
ModelPost Driver
Part Number 900702
Operating Weight 1,000 lb.
Height 84”
Length 48.38”
Width 27”
CollarsÊ 8” x 9” (Railroad Ties)
6” Round (Fence Posts)
Steel (T Post)
Hydraulic Tilt Adjustment 18°
Maximum Post Size 8” x 9”
Minimum Post Size “T” Post
Minimum Post Height Driven 8” Above Ground Level
Hammer Weight 330 lb.
Hammer Weight w/Ballast 530 lb.
Steel Shot Ballast - 200 lb.
Pistol Grip Control Harness
Loader Specific Wire Harness
Factory Installed Couplers
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