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Heavy-Duty Flex Wing Mower


The Heavy-Duty Flex Wing Mower, available in 10’ and 15’ models, is designed to cover more ground in less time. Two flex wings respond to the contour of the ground while mowing hills, ditches and swales. Built for long life under extreme conditions.

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  • Solid shaft spline drive-line
  • Flange mounted stump jumper makes removal and attachment easier
  • Double centers available
  • 3 3/16" down-shaft is bigger, stronger and more durable than our competition to better support the stump jumper
  • 27” extra large, 16 ply aircraft tires


Model 10’ HD 15’ HD
Part Number (1,000 SM RPM) 920258 920260
Driveline Solid Shaft Spline Solid Shaft Spline
Input RPM 540 or 1,000 (large or small) 540 or 1,000 (large or small)
Tractor PTO Recommended Minimum HP 65 75
Number of Selective Control Valves (SCV) 3 3
Side Frame Depth 12” 12"
Cutting Width 126” 180"
Cutting Height 1.5"-17" 1.5"-17"
Hitch Swivel Clevis Swivel Clevis
Transport Width 88" 88"
Overall Width 139" 190"
Overall Length 192" 192"
Deck Thickness 7 Gauge (.180") 7 Gauge (.180")
Weight 5,200 lb. 5,800 lb.
Tongue Weight 1,700 lb. 1,900 lb.
Main Driveline Rating 55 Series 55 Series
Blade Type Parallel Wing Lift Parallel Wing Lift
Blade Tip Speed 16,000 FPM 16,000 FPM
Wing Flex Up/Down 90º Up, 25º Down 90º Up, 25º Down
Suspension Rubber Puck / Spring Rubber Puck / Spring
Wheel Type Pneumatic 27” Aircraft Tires Pneumatic 27” Aircraft Tires
Number of Wheels 5 (standard), 6 (optional) 6 (standard), 8 (optional)
Wing Level Adjustment Self-Leveling Phasing Cylinder Self-Leveling Phasing Cylinder
Chain Shielding Double Double
Pneumatic 29” Aircraft Tires (Set of 2)    
Foam Filled 29” Aircraft Tires (Set of 2)    
Replacement Blade Kit Center    
Replacement Blade Kit Right Hand Wing    
Replacement Blade Kit Left Hand Wing    
Walking Tandem Axles (Set of 2 singles)    
Double Spindles each with 2 Hubs    
Gage Wheel (RH or LH)    
Center Double Spindle Adapter    

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

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USA Steel

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Our Promise

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