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Compact Tractor Attachments

Erskine offers compact tractor attachments to fit most of the compact tractors available today.

3-Point Brush Mower

3-Point Landscape Rake

3-Point Log Splitter

3-Point Multipurpose Grapple

3-Point PTO Plot Planter

3-Point PTO Tiller

3-Point Rear Blade

3-Point Rear Pull PTO Snowblower

3-Point Skidding Plate

3-Point Skidding Winch

3-Point Soil Conditioner

3-Point Stump Grinder

6-in-1 Combination Bucket

6-Way Dozer Blade / Grader / Leveler


Bale Spear

Box Scraper

Brush Chipper

Compact / Front End Loader Converter

Concrete Bucket

Dumping Box

Dust Control Water Kit

Earth Auger

Finishing Mower

Front Mount Snowblower

Grapple Rod Bucket

Grapple Skeleton Rock Bucket

Heavy-Duty Low Profile Material Bucket

Heavy-Duty Rear Mount PTO Snowblower

Heavy-Duty Tine Grapple

High Capacity Grapple Bucket

Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic Pallet Forks

Hydraulic Plate Compactor

Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Snowblower 2010 Series

Industrial Grapple Bucket

Industrial Grapple Rake

Industrial Tine Grapple

Landscape Rake

Landscape Seeder

Log, Brush & Rock Grapple

Manure Fork Grapple

Multipurpose Grapple

Pallet Fork Grapple

Pallet Forks

Pick-Up Broom

Pipe Grapple Forks


Post Driver

Power Angle Broom

Rod Bucket

Rotary Brush Mower / Cutter

Salt, Sand and Fertilizer Spreader

Skeleton Rock Bucket

Skid Steer Hitch

Snow / Light Material Blade

Snow / Light Material Bucket

Snow Pusher

Soil Conditioner

Stump Grinder

Teeth Bar


Tree Shears

Tree Spade

Trench Filler / Landscape Blade


Universal Attachment Plates

Utility Brush Mower

Utility Earth Auger

Utility Grapple Rake

Utility Log Splitter

Utility Rear Mount PTO Snowblower

Utility Skeleton Grapple

Utility Soil Conditioner

Utility Tree Puller

Vibratory Packer